In short#

I am a PhD student at UCL Earth Sciences and the Natural History Museum. My MPhil/PhD, researching metal partitioning at arc volcanoes, is funded through the Natural Environment Research Council via the London NERC DTP.


  • MPhil/PhD - University College London, UK (2023 - current)
  • MEarthSci Geology - University of Manchester, UK (2018 - 2022). First class degree.

Research experience#


Field Assistant - Mission Jurassic, Wyoming, USA
Worked to excavate plant and dinosaur fossils within an international team, in the presence of media organisations.


Undergraduate Research Experience Placement - Zoological Society of London
Six-week paid internship with the Institute of Zoology’s Indicators and Assessments Unit, investigating representational gaps in the Living Planet Index. Culminated in a presentation to WWF’s Chief Freshwater Adviser.



Student Conference Organiser - British Ecological Society and the Linnean Society
Worked to organise the Student Futures and Research Conference. This virtual conference had over 70 attendees from across four continents, boosting the reach of these two British learned societies.


Palaeontological Association Undergraduate Prize (2022)
Awarded membership of the Palaeontological Association for my undergraduate dissertation investigating the outcomes of a macroevolutionary simulator, REvoSim.

BP Achievement Award (2020)
£1,000 stipend. Awarded for policy essay regarding future natural gas use.


  • Fieldwork - including a position as Field Assistant supporting the 2022 Mission Jurassic dig.

  • Presentation and outreach - e.g., communicating volcanology to the general public at the Natural History Museum during the 2023 VMSG Conference.

  • Organisation - e.g., overseeing a mentoring scheme supporting c. 150 undergraduates in my department, and organising a student conference with the Linnean and British Ecological societies.

  • Analytical experience - including R and Bash scripting, petrography, and GIS.